Hey, Did You ever know You're unstoppable!? Well, You are. And this is why.

The initiative hopes to encourage customers to “Unbundle” themselves from bundle based internet services and instead become #unstoppable.


Orange the New Black. Narcos. Stranger Things. Suits. Game Of Thrones. American Crime Story. Lucifer….I could go on and on about the hottest and biggest movie series of 2016, but still, why go on when it’s becoming such a problem to actually watch these blockbusters? Thes e thrillers? At the comfort of your cozy home? Without having to worry about your data running out or stuff like that?

Well, worry no more. You can  now catch up with all the latest and the baddest TV series and movies and all manner of Youtube videos from your home, day after day, 24/7 and never have enough. Or have to bawl out over how quickly your weak data runs out and stuff like that.

Why? Because of Zuku. Yeah, that’s why.

As the ONLY recognized – and authentic - providers of unlimited Internet by the media governing body ,CCK, Zuku has moved with speed to transform thousands of Kenyan homes into mini-cinemas where all manner and facets of entrainment can be found. With no limits whatsoever.

Now, thanks to Zuku unlimited Internet, which has speeds that could rival a cheetar’s and strength that could beat a behemoth’s, you can sit back at your home and blow yourself away with anything you ever wished for while at the same time using your phone and keeping yourself updated on everything that’s kicking, trending and buzzing across the social media.

Afraid of constantly logging into Instagram? Cos you’re afraid your data will run out fast and you won’t be able to keep up with the insane data prices in the Country? Chill. That’s all in the past now, sweetheart.

In a campaign dubbed #Unstoppable, Zuku has moved with speed (pun intended) to free Kenyans from the painful bondage and the shackles of data bundles that are so limiting, so ridiculously expensive and that run out faster than you can press play.

Under this arrangement, there is no movie you can’t stream. No Youtube video you can’t watch and don’t even worry and stress up about the video quality to play.

With Unlimited Zuku internet, you get to watch the videos in top-notch clarity – sharp, clear and minting fresh from the studio. In whatever  quality. Yes, even 4k.  And you won’t have to worry about the video buffering for hours. And hours.

Sports buffs are particularly going to be excited by this one…Because as you’re busy placing bets and munching on some homemade sausages and swigging some ka-cold whiskey, you also get to stream all the hottest and the best matches from across the World right at the comfort of your house –of course, in the company of all of your crazy, loud boys who you’ve obviously asked over for some crazy match watching. (And you get to really brag about your internet plan to them later.)

With Zuku unlimited internet, nothing, seriously, is impossible.

You're literally swamped with hundreds of sizzling entertainment channels all begging to be watched and clicked on. Cos you're The Boss.

There’s no mountains you can’t scale. No valleys you can’t reach. No places you can’t venture and no rivers you can’t cross.

You’re invincible. You’re indefatigable. You’re the force. You’re unstoppable.

Get yourself a plan ! Now! Check out the Zuku official website for more information on this and more.


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