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10 reasons why Kenyan parents are the worst

But we love them anyway

You've just got to love Kenyan parents.

While at the time, we didn't appreciate the tough love and their dramatic sense of humour, we can now look back and laugh about it. Here's signs you were brought up by a Kenyan parent. Chances are, you'll do the same for your children.

1.You were sent to the shop more than five times in less than an hour.

2. You mom decided you have to the wash dinner dishes 30 minutes after  you went to sleep.


The famous words, "Na hizo viombo zi silale hapo."

3. When they questioned your capability to handle marriage at age 12.

" Msichana mgani hajui kutandika kitanda? Utawachwa wewe!

4. When they cheat you off the money your relatives give you after visiting.

"Hiaya basi hata wewe nilipe ile chakula na manguo zote ukonazo kwa hii nyumba."


5. When they sent you to go and pick out the stick they'll use to beat you with.

6. Infront of people, you always had to look at your mother's face for signs.

Just in case you get to comfortable and say something that earns you a beating when you get home.

7. When eating at your friends would get you into trouble.

Right after mom force feeds you whatever she prepared for your dinner.


8. When you are expected to cry without making noise.

When your parents beat you and threaten you about crying you hear words like: “Niskie ukilia”

9. Speaking of crying, there was no right way to do it in.

If they beat you and you don't cry a lot then you are being rebelious.

If they beat you and you cry a lot then you're being silly so you get a bit more.


10. When you protect yourself from a slap and they say you wanted to attack them.


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