No money? Do this to make a mum feel special this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s day is here already and there’s no reason not to celebrate. Seriously, the fact that we are in a pandemic is no excuse. I know how much we all would love to give and receive luxurious gifts on Mother’s Day.

But then, times are quite tough for many, economically. We are all doing what we got to do and life moves on regardless.

Most people if not all understand what’s happening and thus do not have high expectations in regards to monetary gifts. However, gifts are not always about money. There are many ways to gift someone and make them feel special on a special day like Mother’s day.

So guys, here we go. If you are broke or just struggling a little bit but you really want to make a mum in your life feel special on this day, fret not. These few tips should save you out:

Spend time with them

You already knew this, right? Come on guys, we are talking about women here. So, time spent with them is paramount. Whether it’s your mom, or the mother of your children, just spend the day with them. On that day, you can give up other activities just to be with them. It’s as simple as that.

Make her favourite meal

When was the last time you made a meal for her? Mums are always going all out to make us the best meals. How about you just return the favour this Mother’s Day? Not too much to ask for, is it?

Help with chores

Chores! Yes, chores. We don’t like them. But imagine our mums do them every day without complaining. It’s not much but if you can do the dishes or help with any other tasks around the house, she will be grateful.

Don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day

If you cannot do any of the above, please don’t forget that it’s a special day for all mothers. Mark it on your calendars so that you don’t forget. May 9, 2021, is the day. Send her a message of appreciation on this day or call her if you won’t be there in person. Don’t just post her photo on social media. Go on and shower her with all those praises.

Don’t forget “other” mums

An adoptive mum is still a mum. That woman who lost their child, the one who had a miscarriage, and the expectant one, are often forgotten on this special day. Let’s remember them this Mother’s day and share the love with them.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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