Your boyfriend is mama's boy; here's how to know

He's quick to run to mummy with relationship problems without bothering to even discuss them with you first.

As a matter of fact, the way he treats and relates with his mother offers a kind of insight into his ability to treat his woman right.

However there comes a time when a guy has to break free of that intense mum-son love, when he'd be required to split that attention and affection and invest a great part of it into his relationship/marriage.

When that time comes, his ability to properly deal with the transition will determine if he has achieved complete maturation, or still a mama's boy.

So how do you recognise a guy that should still be referred to as a mama's boy?

1. What he says

If he cannot speak for five minutes without mentioning his mum at least once, you have a problem on your hands.

2. Can't make decisions without her

Even if the decision is something really as clear as crystal, a total no-brainer, he still whips out his phone to call her and confirm before doing it.

3. Irresponsible

He's never been married, but he has a kid who is being taken care of by... [you guessed right] his mother.

That he is an unmarried man with a kid is not the big deal here, actually.

What should be of concern to you is the fact that he actually does not know anything about the child - not the price of his diapers, or the amount he pays at daycare, he does not even know how much baby food costs.

Why? Because he is terribly irresponsible and has never been involved in doing any of those things since the birth of the child. His mother has been helping him out since.

I'd be worried about being with such a man if I were you.

4. He can't stand up for you

A man that is a mummy's boy just sits there and lets his mom disrespect you, because defying her might mean the end of his car ownership, monthly allowance, and other benefits... etc.

5. Financially dependent on mummy

"Hey babe, the bill for this is ₦5000," you say to him.

So he whips out his wallet and hands over his ATM card to you. No problem, except that the card is not really his - it's mum's.

You then remember that the same thing happened the previous two times you went out, too.

He's 30 but is so irresponsible and disorderly that he can't even sort out his own finances and has to depend on mummy.

Let me be the first to break it to you, lady, you're in for one heck of a ride.


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