5 signs that your woman is cheating on you

Even those of us in the happiest relationships have reason to fear cheating if our partner’s behavior seems off. But when should those changes signal alarm?


The thought of your partner cheating on you is an unsettling feeling that no one wants to have.

Despite trying not to think about your partner cheating on you, you cannot seem to shake off that feeling at the pit of your stomach that something may be going on. You simply cannot imagine that your woman may be cheating on you.

Here are some tell-tale signs that she may be cheating on you.

She is not bothered with what you are doing

Women are inquisitive in nature and will always want to get the nitty gritty details of what you are up to. If there are things that she complains about like how you just can’t seem to throw your clothes in the clothes basket and then suddenly stops arguing with you about it then her attention is most definitely on other things – or maybe someone else.

Her questions may seem a bit more specific though. She may ask something like “The drive from Dave’s house should take you around 30 minutes right?”

She looks happier than she was

A woman could be cheating on you if when you pay close attention to her, she seems to be happier than she was before.

She seems to be minding her own business and not paying that much attention to you as she usually does. She does not seemed bothered that you left your trousers near the clothes basket instead of throwing them inside the clothes basket anymore.

She has mentioned how unhappy she is a couple of times

It is very easy to misinterpret the type of signals that your woman may be sending your way when she says that she is unhappy in a relationship.

Handling guilt is very tricky and she may feel that by letting you know about how unsatisfied she is, it may in a weird way justify her actions.

If you know your woman well you will notice how big of a change the switch in her routine is.

She stops telling you what she is up to

It is a known fact that women like to talk about everything and anything if you are willing to listen. A woman may be cheating on you is she stops feeling the need to tell you all the details of what she has been up to.

Her social calendar has suddenly become packed with a number of things to do.

They have better allies

Women are very smart and will find interesting ways to make sure that their secret remains a secret. If you pay someone 500 ya soda to tell you about her whereabouts, she has already paid them 1000 shillings ya soda.

They are very protective and will make sure that their secret remains a secret.


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