13 things not to say to gay people

Gay people hate being asked these things

Empire actor Jussie Smollet

People of the LGBTQA community are normal humans. They receive so much hate from homophobes and it honestly makes me wonder why some straight people have such vested interest in what non-straight straight people are up to. “That nigga is gay? He better not hit on me.” First of all, relax, gay people have a type okay? And chances are, they wouldn’t even hit on a crusty man who has no idea what skincare is, so chill out. Plus, why are people so mad that some people are gay? If it’s not your ass getting drilled, what’s the problem? Lol excuse my language. Listen, at the end of the day, whether or not you think it’s unnatural, illegal, ungodly et cetera, some people will always be gay and you should just get over it. In fact, if you have nothing good to say about the topic, maybe don’t say anything at all? We as humans have become so accustomed to ignorance, we make insensitive comments every now and then and actually think it’s okay. No, it’s not. Don’t be an entitled prick. For instance, here are things not to say to gay people.

1. Wow, you don’t look gay.

2. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve and all those other homophobic idioms.

3. So how do you have sex?

4. Are you the man in the relationship?

Another version of this question is, are you the top?

5. Omg I want a gay best friend!

Why does he have to be ‘gay?’ that’s really objectifying btw…would you be okay if someone met you and said wow I’ve been looking for a chubby best friend. Erm, I guess not.

6. Please don’t hit on me. I don't mind you but I'm not into that kind of stuff at all.

Relax, chances are, you’re not even his/her type. Gay people are blessed with the gaydar and most of the times, they can tell if you swing that way or not way before they it on you.

7. Why did you choose to be gay?

8. When did you know you were gay?

How exactly will that information help you?

9. I bet I can make you straight in just one night.

10. Being gay is unnatural, you’re a sinner. You’ll go to hell.

11. Calling them faggot or any other derogatory term.

12. Saying “That’s so gay!!!” in a negative way.

13. NO HOMO.

So, unless that person is like your really close friend and you’re not asking from a point of ignorance, then learn to mind your business. 


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