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15 Men give ladies relationship advice and it's the best thing you will read today

"Stop shouting at me. I hear u"


There’s no denying that such posts are quite engaging. As you’d imagine, the ladies camped there to take notes on what the men had to say and boy, it was entertaining. I must admit that some of our kings do speak sense after all. Dating honestly feels like an extreme sport nowadays. If you’re a lady and you have been single for a while, maybe you could use some advice on how to figure this whole dating thing out.

Here's what the guys had to say:


1. Men like “flowers” too ( a new shirt, a fitted, a bottle of tequila, just random gestures that say I was thinking of you and wanted to get you something you wouldn’t necessarily have gotten yourself) - kidplayboy

2. Stop shouting at me. I hear u - el_guapok

3. Don’t listen to Steve Harvey  - rahim_thedream

4. The question “What do you want for dinner?” will be the most difficult question in your relationship. Be kind, have an opinion - darerule

5. Be complete before you merge in a relationship...understand yourself before you seek to be understood - 876_chevy


6. Um I’m gay but hi, stay fabulous sisters and remember, don’t have his kids, swallow his kids - abdulcareymonroe

7. Stop expecting a nigga to do something you can’t or won’t do for yourself - sccotti3_dripp3n

8. A back rub can go a long way after work - skratchywilliams

9. Not every guy you meet will be rich, he may be throwing a stunt and may not actually have a lot to offer, but as long as he can offer you his time, his attention and his love, be happy with him cause that may be all he can offer at the moment. If you can’t be happy with him for that at least, you got a problem – young_eric23


10. Don't have sex with your male friends, don't disrespect your man with fighting words...don’t have double standards. Stop blaming all men and stop thinking you're God's gift to men and we should be lucky to be in your presence. Be mutual and like the man as much as he likes you and not what he can do for you - the_red_zulu

11. Love and relationships are forever going to be a gamble you’ll either lose or win so don’t blame other men for the mistakes or decision another man made - thats_nando

12. Listen to him too. You can’t be the only one who had a “bad day” and gets to vent/talk about it...everyday - adonis_direct

13. Bring more to the table than just good looks and sex. - ghostgotbeats

14. Make SURE you maintain all of your female friendships, don’t go MIA on them...your man depends on you having plans sometimes so he can mobb (*hang with his friends) guilt free - alext.212


15. Bonus:

This guy who wrote a whole encyclopedia.

1. Balance is key (arrive with your own lifestyle & keep it).2. Be thoughtful (know your advice this varies).3. Stroke their ego (again, know your audience).4. Stay off your phone on a date.5. Don’t unpack your baggage in one day. Give him time to understand who you are slowly.6. Don’t ask for what you can’t afford yourself.7. Don’t ask if we like mixxy (*thicc and smoking hot chics), thots, want to play games, etc, most will lie. Ask: A. Single? Yes or no? B. Has dating been fun so far? C. What’s the most rewarding experience you had recently? Be real that we all dating & you are not the only one. Just be cool8. Offer to buy the first round of drinks on the 2nd date. Even if he says "Nah, I’m good it’s appreciated". Be clear that you want to buy the 2nd/1st round because he was so BLAH BLAH last time. 9. Do anything but dinner in the summer <Fun activity>.10. No matter how you present yourself do it well. I don’t care what you wearing, do your nails, lotion your skin, smell good and don’t overdo the makeup - tailormadeave

Ladies, do you agree with this advice?

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Posts slightly edited to remove the typos and add meaning to some words.

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