4 good reasons why you should marry a Luo man

Are we together girls?


Luo men have other great features-only that we focus more on the features that we don’t like. In fact, you should get yourself a man from the Lakeside already because they make great boyfriends and hubbies.

Don’t believe it? These reasons will have you change your perception about Luo men:

1. Confident

When it comes to being confident, they know how to do it and they are not intimidated. We all like a confident man who can stand up and express their opinions without fear. They talk with so much authority and confidence and you are sure that they will never disappoint you in a public appearance.

2. Romantic

If I was to rate them in regards to romance, they would hold first position out of all the 42 tribes in Kenya. Let’s be honest, Luo men know how to show love to their babes and they don’t mind spending on you. As long as they have them bucks, they will treat you like the queen you are. And as they say, money is never a problem to them – the problem is how to spend the money (read with the Luo accent).

3. Hardworking

Since they love spending on their women, they will labor day and night to get the money. Needless to mention that their high standards of living can’t allow them to idle around. They will even take more than one job even if it’s heck tiresome just to maintain a certain class and ensure that their families don’t lack.

4. They will appreciate you

Unlike Kikuyu men who will always introduce you as ‘mama watoto’ a Luo man is really proud of his wife and will show her off to the whole universe. He will literally flaunt you, hold your hand in public places and tell his friends how much he loves you right in your presence. He will be proud of you and will appreciate the things you do for him – something every woman wants.

Nevertheless, you got the last say; your man, your choice.


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