5 unhealthy compromises you shouldn't make for a relationship

Check out these 5 things you should not compromise on just to keep a relationship going, or to make a partner happy.

5 unhealthy compromises you should not make for a relationship [Credit: Overland]

It's a cool way to show that you are ready to pitch in with effort on your part, in order for the relationship to work, for things to sync perfectly. But there's a limit to how far you can possibly take this.

There are somethings you cannot overlook in a relationship, some grounds you should not shift, and some compromises you really don't have to make. If you have ever wondered what the line to never cross is, we help with some tips below:

There are boundaries that need to be set in every relationship. What you'll take and what you won't. Some boundaries are not encroachable, personal, positive values you hold tightly and should not let go of. You absolutely have to express this before the relationship begins or before you go too far into it and experience a lot of misunderstandings.

Knowing, understanding and respecting these boundaries helps the relationship run smoothly, helps you avoid conflicts and makes you both look like a match made in heaven.

And most importantly, it makes you retain your identity. You won't have to feel like you gave up too much of yourself just to make the man or woman stay, or to make the relationship work.

Who talks about love and happy relationships without respect? It is highly impossible for a relationship to last or be happy when one partner does not understand how respect works, or shows an unwillingness to live by it.

If you are with someone who shows regular signs of disrespect, don’t try to make excuses for them. It's probably just going to get worse. Do not live with constant, intentional disrespect for the sake of a relationship. Because, really, is it even a relationship if it lacks mutual respect?

Also don't beg to be loved. It is never worth it.

Don't let go of great friendships because of a relationship and try to call it compromise.

The healthy, productive friends you've had before should be kept. They have their space and roles in your life and your partner has to get used to that.

If you're with someone who tries to block all the great friendships you have, it is a red flag that you shouldn’t ignore.

Your long-held dreams and aspirations are valid and deserve to be actualised. Don't give them up for the sake of a relationship.

Nothing should make you want to give that up. No one should make you give up your family.


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