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6 ways you are destroying your wife unknowingly

You will soon lose her


But men hardly take it seriously because the society puts more emphasis on how to treat and keep a man and little focus is put on how to treat your wife. And because only few men concentrate on making their wives happy, most end up hurting and destroying their wives.

Here are some ways you could be destroying your wife:


1. Expecting too much

While it’s okay to expect your wife to treat you with respect and give you attention, you should never forget that she is human as well. Sometimes, she will be too tired to wait for you to return at mid night so that you can have dinner together.

2. Not supporting her

When you are sick, she treats you like another baby. But when she is sick, she still has to cook, clean up and do every other house chores while you are seated watching. That’s not only unfair but also being callous.

3. Being selfish in bed


First of all, the main reason you married her was not sex-so don’t force her to do it if she is not in the mood. Secondly, women love pleasure too and you should make an effort of pleasing her sexually as well. She might not say it but she is definitely hurt when you never seem to care about her feelings.

4. Lies

You can’t even count the times you have lied to her. You have told her so many lies that she no longer believes a word from you. You have destroyed her trust in you and soon, those lies will bring your marriage down.

5. Not showing her love


Once men get married, most of them stop making an effort to show love to their wives. To keep the spark alive, you should continue showing love to your wife. Take her on dates, bring her gifts, send her love messages and flowers.

6. Never appreciating

Just because she is your wife doesn’t mean you should take for granted the little things she does for you. If she makes good food, compliment her, and also appreciate her beauty.


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