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Singles Day: 7 benefits single people enjoy that couples don’t

What single people have that couples secretly wish to get back.

 You can be single and balling [Credit: Youtube]

Today, November 11 is World's single's day. All year long, relationship people tension everyone and do things that, to be candid, are cute and all. But, hey, at least today single folks can flex and feel special in their own way.

So if you're wondering what you have that taken folks don't, here are 7 of them - and they're all true AF.

1. A special kind of peace of mind

No one can steal a man or woman you don't have.


2. You go on a date with whomever you want whenever you want

You can even do 5 dates in one night. YOLO.

3. Sleep with who you want, when you want

The ultimate kind of freedom. Couples will pretend as if they don't miss this and they'll give you some silly gist about sexual discipline and all - but deep down, they miss it. That's one more thing you have, that they don't.


4. You don’t owe anyone daily communication

You’ll appreciate this privilege most on days when you just want to be left alone.

5. You don’t have to explain any of your actions to anyone

“I’m sending my photos to 16 people at once, and so f---ing what?”


6. Thirst and flirt on social media without fear

You can boldly drop 👅😍💦🍑 on photos and videos of hot people on social media. Relationship people need fake account to do this.

7. No one is stealing your food.

Couples [especially taken men] pretend as of this is not a problem but deep down, they are fuming everytime their babe dips into their food - which she clearly said she didn't want!



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