Surefire signs that man just wants to sleep with you

Ehe, are you with a fuckboy?

Black couple in bed (Courtesy)

I think it’s safe to say that all of us women have encountered a man who just wanted the goods.

It’s so annoying to think that someone is only chasing you so as to sleep with you. You have to have your red flag sensors on and watch out for little signs that tell you if the guy is in it for the long haul or not, albeit, some of these men are pretty evil – a guy can be with you even for 6 months and over only to dump you after you have had sex. Good thing though, is that with age comes maturity and you learn the art of learning men – call it experience and lessons learned. If you’re unsure about the guy you’re currently seeing and wondering whether he’s serious or he’s just there for sex, here are telltale signs that he wants nothing more than just sex.

1. He’s not bothered about getting to know you seriously.

He could care less on whether you’re the only sibling, first born or not, he has never even asked you what you do in life or what your passions and hobbies are. He’s simply not invested in getting to know you better because he knows he’s not in it for the long run. A man that seriously wants to get to know you will want to know every single detail about your life and is generally interested, and not just asking for the sake of formalities.

2. He’s moving things way too fast.

Date number two and he’s already getting all touchy-feely and crossing certain boundaries. A man that genuinely wants you will wait till you’re ready and comfortable and will not rush you to do things you’re not comfortable with.

3. He barely takes you out.

He doesn’t want to spend money on a woman he’s not even going to date in the first place. Plus, he probably doesn’t want to be seen with you; so, all his date plans revolve around Netflix and chill. He’s always asking you to go over or asking to come over to your place, but never takes you on nice romantic dinners or nice plans where he has to spend a coin or two. Yeah, sis that’s a man only after one thing…

4. If he does something nice for you, he expects something in return…

Like, the few times he takes you out, he will always expect you to go over to his or sleep with him and such and if you refuse, you will sense that he’s upset. Tell you what, you don’t owe him anything! A man should treat you because he wants to and not because it’s an exchange, for something in return.

5. He calls you at his convenience.

You will not hear from him in a long time then on a random dry Friday at midnight he will suddenly send a ‘WYD’ text. That’s because his other options are not available…If a man really likes you and wants to see you, he will make plans to hang out with you in advance.

6. If he compliments you, it’s overly sexual.

“Wow, those boobs, that ass…” he is always horny around you and it’s like he doesn’t think of anything else.

7. He ghosts on you when he realizes you’re not giving in,

Or when he finally gets to have sex with you. You will never hear from him again – it’s over and done with, he got what he wanted.


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