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Things men do and think are attractive but really aren't

Please stop squinting eyes when posing for photos.

Sagging pants (Fox 23)

Guys it’s a new year and we are being honest about things, right? So, with that energy, can we please talk about things that men do and think are attractive but really aren’t? I get it, I get it…attractiveness is relative, what I find attractive could not be the same thing you find attractive. But we can all agree that some of these habits by men are super lame...

1. Squinting the eyes when taking photos.

Is there something wrong with the eyes? Is there an itch? Is the light too much? Do you actually think that squinting makes you look better? Sorry not sorry but it just makes you look lame. Quit that shit. Smile for the photo or give us a resting bitch face, anything but the squint.


2. Licking lips every other second.

I think licking the lips was cool back in the day in those old RnB songs back when LL Cool J was still relevant (for licking his lips) but erm…what’s attractive about that? In fact, every time I see a guy over licking his lips thinking that he’s being sexy, I can’t help but think how unkissable he must be, first of all, the saliva smell will be stuck on the lips and they will end up dry and chapped. Use balm instead.

3. Sagging pants.

Sigh, does this need even an explanation? Stop exposing those boxers and bums, leave those boyish ways in 2018.


4. Extreme gyming.

Look, exercise is important. But, don’t over exercise. I don’t know why guys think that whole ‘bouncer look’ is nice. You look like Johnny Bravo. If your shoulders are going to be overly huge, it’s only fair that your legs and waist also match the top of your body.

5. Flaunting money and wealth.


Humble yourself. No need to pour drinks over your Rolex pale Bclub or posting money pics on your IG. Life will humble you my G. I always say that people who flaunt their wealth on social media are ‘new money’ peeps who are actually not used to luxury.

6. Sleeping around.

Yeah, you may brag to your friends about all the girls you have slept with and what not, but that only makes you a community dick. Do you think that’s attractive? Have some class and some standards.

7. Dick pics.


We have told you time and time again, we don’t want to see unsolicited dick pics…thanks.

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