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Types of rich men you should avoid like plague

Machali wa wash wash money na politicians

Rich black man (Black enterprise)

Some of you may think this is a shallow piece but I’m going to let you know that it’s not wrong for a woman to want to date a wealthy man and elevate herself into the affluent society. If you’d rather be with your middle-class boyfriend who may not have it all but loves you and you’re okay with that, that’s totally fine. But don’t judge and bash those that want the jet-set life; we are all in control of our destiny and at the end of the day, it’s a matter of doing what makes one happy. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about dating rich. A majority of us ladies would not mind dating a wealthy man, I mean, think about it – if you met a man that’s willing to spoil you, love you and give you the world, will you not agree to that? Hmm I know I would! (yes, you’re free to judge me). Then again, it’s not easy to find these wealthy men. You have to elevate yourself – look a certain way, dress classy for instance and put yourself in a position to meet them; be it through networking events, attending high profile events or even through travel. Now, one thing that no one tells you is that not all rich men are good for you. Not to generalize, but there are types of wealthy men you should avoid like plague because they will take you nowhere.

1. Old money guys.

You know those men who were born rich and into money? Generational wealth kind of guys, first of all tend to be very stingy. They invest their money into things like real estate and businesses and rarely will they use their hard-earned cash buying you designer shoes and bags or buying you an apartment. Matter of fact, they actually tend to date and marry within their circles. That’s why you see that most of the time, a rich guy will most probably marry a rich girl. While it’s not uncommon to see girls from average backgrounds being welcomed into rich families, it’s often rare.


2. Men from another religion.

Not to sound racist but, do you think it would be easy to marry a rich Arab man if you’re not an Arab yourself? It’s good to try but chances are, you will have to convert into their religion and live life like them and play by their rules. That was an example, not just Arab men, but generally, it’s not usually easy to date someone from a different religion especially if they’re staunch followers of their religion.

3. Party play boys.

Think of the guys you always see at the VVIP section of upscale clubs washing their Rolex watches with champagne. They are mostly young, handsome and wealthy. They have hundreds of girls thirsting over them and they are really not the kind of men who are ready to settle – who would when they are at their prime? When they are earning top dollar and literally every girl in town wants a piece of them? So, save yourself the trouble – unless what you’re looking for is a one-night stand and a couple of thousands in the name of 'taxi money'.


4. Married men.

Sure, you can have an arrangement with a married man – you can agree on how often to meet and what allowance you will get per month or every time you meet. But remember that this man will never leave his wife for you. In fact, he can dump you at any time for another younger, finer babe. You will get into a comfort zone of being a ‘kept woman’ and before you know it, you have wasted your years as your peers are married with kids and there you are, with your Toyota, but a washed-out lady who no one wants. I’m also a firm believer of karma. Don’t go after taken men, the same thing will probably happen to you.

5. Narcissistic men.


A man who is paying your bills and taking care of you can tend to have a very big ego and even be completely narcissistic. Ever met those super arrogant rich men who think they own you because you're financially dependent on them? Sis, it’s not worth it. You’d rather live a normal happy life than a jet-setter miserable one.

6. Workaholics.

This is not so bad to be honest. But then again, you want a man who pays 100% attention to you. Not a man who is always on business trips and you rarely get to see him. You end up feeling miserable and start sleeping around because you crave the attention you do not get at home. In this life, what you’re looking for exists, you have to believe then work towards it – never settle for less than you truly deserve. 



7. Wash wash dudes, rich pastors and politicians.

You may end up embroiled in some crazy ass drama or even death. It is what it is, why sugar coat stuff? Stay away from this lot.


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