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This bride squad had the coolest denim themed bridal shower shoot (Photos)

Bride squad goals

Before you get married, you can choose to have a bridal shower. This is a close knit gathering where friends, family and in-laws-to-be come together to honor the bride and shower her with gifts. Sometimes, it’s not always easy to get a long with in-laws so this is usually the perfect moment to get acquainted and have those pleasantries and formalities before the wedding day as you’re gonna be seeing them a lot during family functions. However, if you do not want a bridal shower, you can choose to have a hen party instead, also known as bachelorette party. This is more fun and preferred by most ladies. A bachelorette party is that one 'last' party the bride has with her bridal squad as a 'single woman'. Some travel and have a destination bachelorette party, others have a slumber party in matching sexy lingerie, others have a beach themed party in matching bikinis…hey, it all boils down to what tickles your fancy. One thing for sure is that you want your bachelorette party to be with those closest to you, have fun as an all-girl squad, talk about all things marriage, kids and all that shebang, heck take photos with cute props, play party games, drink tones of margaritas, hire a stripper, dance the night away and celebrate the bride-to-be. But do make sure not to have the bachelorette party before the day of the wedding as you might end up in the ‘Hangover’ movie situation and well…no one wants to be attend a wedding with a missing tooth because you got wasted and somehow lost a tooth right?

At the same time, if you don't wanna go through the hustle of planning a bachelorette party which could incur unnecessary costs, you could just have a themed bridal shower photo shoot with your bride squad. Still works!


One lovely Tanzanian bride, Joan Ngassa decided to have a denim on denim themed bridal squad shoot and that’s super unique don’t you think? Clad in a cute tulle dress complete with a “Bride” sash, crown and trendy strappy heels, the bride-to-be was perfectly complemented by her bride squad who all wore dark denim pants, paired with lighter denim shirts. The squad also had props to spruce up the shoot. I love the fact that the photography was taken in the evening which made the shoot tun out sublime.

Check out the shoot:

Lovely right?


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