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What to pack in your hospital bag for labor and delivery

Make your child birth experience hustle free

You need to be well prepared and know what you need to carry to the hospital. Unfortunately, sometimes, there's no one to help you do the packing either because people are far or busy with work. Before you go to the labor ward, you need to have a list of items to make everything easier and smooth for you. Some of these things are given out in hospitals but then again, you never really know, it's always better to be prepared. So, you will definitely need a few items for mommy and the baby and if your partner is going to be joining you, he will need a few items as well.

Let's get that list started:

For the baby:


1. Clothes.

Carry some comfortable onesies as you might want the baby to just relax. You will also need to carry some socks, mittens, a beanie, warm clothes and the home coming outfit.

2. A swaddling blanket.

This is for when you're breastfeeding or burping the baby.

3. A pacifier.


4. Diapers for the baby. Make sure they're the right size as in, newborn diapers.

For mommy:

1. Comfortable slippers.

The hospital might not have any.

2. A nice decent robe.


The nurses may require you to walk around say to breastfeed the baby and take it back to the nursery etc. You don't want to walk around looking all exposed in a ward garment.

3. Socks.

Apparently, your feet can get really cold during labor. Socks or a hot water bottle may come in handy.

4. A comfortable pillow.

This may sound extra but you want to make the space as cozy as you can. Make sure that the pillow case is different from that of the hospital so that you don't end up leaving it behind.


5. Maternity pads.

6. Nursing bras at least two or more.

7.  A hairband.

If you have a weave or wig, you'll be sweating your guts out so make sure you bring a hairband to tie your hair up when it's time to push.


8. Snacks and drinks.

Even if most hospitals provide food, it's probably not that good and you may get really hungry, or your partner may get hungry. Carry some healthy snack and drinks.

9. Massage oil.

Labor time may require some soothing rubs on your back to help you feel better and well, the massage oil will come in handy.

10. Lip balm and baby oil.


The lip balm is to take care of your lips and the baby oil is for the newborn.

11. Something to refresh your face.

After giving birth, you will probably not look anything close to cute and sexy hehe so you might as well try and refresh your face just a little bit. It could be a moisturizer or something you use that 'wakes up' your face.

12. A camera to capture the moments if need be.

13. Soothing music to help you and your partner relax.



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