Clear signs a girl you're chasing doesn't like you

Stop chasing her


All your effort is focused on getting her to say yes. But what if she doesn’t like you? She might only say yes because you persisted so much and she may also take it as an opportunity to use you. Sad, right?

Before you get to that point, knowing if that girl you are chasing likes you or not could save you so much.

Check out these signs that are a clear indication that she does not like you at all:

1. Doesn’t contribute to conversations

Some girls are naturally quiet and others are shy. However, a girl who likes you will make the effort to keep the conversation going. So if she just listens and never initiates any conversations, it’s clear that she doesn’t enjoy your company or chatting with you.

2. No touch

In the first few days, you both are likely to be very cordial with each other. But with time, a girl who likes you will break the touch barriers. If she never wants to be close to you physically, places her hand on your knee or your shoulder while talking, you should just stop chasing her.

3. Never looks at you

She may be shy naturally, but looking all over but not your eyes may be a way of saying that she is not interested in you. If it’s something she does every time you are together, don’t waste time chasing her.

4. One word responses

It’s easy to know if she does not like you by observing her responses to text messages. If she is the kind who gives one word responses, most probably she does not like you.

5. Forgets everything you tell her

Naturally, women are into details. They will remember even the stupidest thing you ever told them if they like you. But if they don’t, they won’t even remember the most important things like your birthday.

6. She never texts back

You are so much attracted to her and all you think is how happy you could be if she said yes. But if she cares not to respond to your messages, just move on and forget about her because she doesn’t feel the same.

7. She always brings a friend

She already knows you like her but because she doesn’t,  she brings a friend each time you are meeting.  She is simply avoiding a serious conversation with you and trying to show you that all you can be is friends.


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