Exciting ways to keep your kids busy and productive at home

Better ways than watching TV all day

Keeping kids busy at home (BlackDoctororg)

When your kids are busy, you will be able to focus on your work if you are working at home and concentrate on your daily activities.

And now that you cannot take them upcountry or leave them to play and interact with other kids outside, it can be a little bit overwhelming to have them indoors all day. You probably will be yelling all day especially if you are dealing with toddlers.

You want your kids to be busy but you also want them to be happy during this time. These tips will give you and your kids an easier time as you stay home:

1. Let them come up with a to-do list every day

Kids love it when you leave them to make a decision. Ask your kid every morning what they want to do indoors and have them list it down. Make sure they achieve their to-do list by end of the day but also make sure they come up with a practical list. They will be happy to do it because they chose it.

2. Play indoor games with them

You don’t want your kids to be glued on TV all day. While you may not want to play hide and seek with them, you can play a puzzle game together so that they don’t get bored.

3. Let your toddler help around

Toddlers love being useful. Let them help you fold the laundry, allow them to clear the table after lunch or let them help in rinsing the dishes.

4. Storytime

It’s better if you lead by example. Give your kid a storybook, have them read it and tell it to you after they are done. If you can also do the same, it’s better so that you take turns telling a story. The idea is to try and make reading fun.

5. Have them try out a recipe

With your guidance, let your kid try out a recipe of their choice. If they choose to bake a cake or prepare noodles, guide them but let them do the most part. It will make them feel proud and boost their self-confidence.

6. Learn an interesting skill from YouTube

Instead of just playing games on the tablet, your kids can at least learn something from online tutorials. They can take dancing lessons, singing or pick up some aerobics tactics.


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