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11 signs your crush is about to do a disappearing act on you

Suddenly, umeanza kukula blue ticks

It's honestly the worst feeling ever. Imagine you were not worth even an explanation or goodbye? Why can't people be mature enough to just tell someone what exactly they want? I can't deal with these fuck boys by the way. People that ghost on you probably just wanted to have sex and bounce or...they have found someone better and you were just an option on stand by.

To prevent yourself from heart ache, watch out for these signs that bae is about to do a major disappearing act on you.


1. Communication suddenly dies and becomes stale.

Suddenly, the conversation is very uninspired, those long phone calls suddenly become non existent and when you talk to them you feel like you're bothering them.

Those good morning/goodnight "Have you eaten?" "Did you get home safe?" texts are no longer sent. They always say, when a conversation gets shorter with you, it's getting longer with someone else so be wise...

3. They no longer make plans to meet you.


Before, they would always suggest to meet up for lunch, a drink or dinner but these days, a week goes by without hearing a word from them.

4. You're suddenly always the first one to reach out and check in on them.

5. They no longer like your social media posts...

6. Heck, they're not even interested in your nudes or morning selfie any more.

7. They avoid you.


If they used to go to a certain hang out joint, they no longer show up, for fear of bumping into you.

8. They act very lovey-dovey in the beginning almost like they're obsessed with you. That's a big red flag.

9. They avoid any serious relationship topics.

Yeah cause they know deep down nothing serious is going down. They're just there for the sex which btw, they only care about themselves when it comes to bedroom matters.

10. You know that they're always on their phones but some way somehow, they conveniently forget to respond to your messages or call back.


Blue ticks ndio tu unakula on a daily basis.

11. You have a weird feeling about them.

Always go with your gut feeling.


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