The hottest love has the coldest end. Relationships that have an infernal level of passion when they begin sometimes fizzle out at alarming rates.

And some are even more distressing because the couple in question usually have the kind of relationship that is meant to be the benchmark for success in romantic coupling.

These couples face the guillotine after years together due to various reasons. Some unique but others are more common around long lasting couples.


Everybody cheats. On tests, on first dates, on diets but when it comes to emotionally manipulating a partner so as to get some loving on the side, it’s almost unforgivable.

Due to stale intimacy, spouses can sometimes start seeking pleasure outside.

In most cases, when the other spouse finds out, this breaks a marriage clean.

2.Empty nest syndrome

Often times, a marriage is held together by children. When the kids finally grow up and leave the nest, the couple will find itself at a standstill. Unable to figure out what to do with themselves, partners will start fiddling their thumbs trying to occupy themselves. Eventually the effort seems like it’s a bit much and the couple will decide to end things.

3.Life’s desires

There are times when a spouse decides to do more for themselves. This often causes a rift between the couple as one feels left behind. Eventually, the outgoing partner will feel held back and will ask for a divorce to escape unimaginative shackles.

4.Divorce stigma is no longer an issue

Gone are the days when it would’ve been frowned upon when getting a divorce. With societal acceptance of couple separations and co-parenting becoming a more suitable option in the event of kids, it’s just easier to get divorced if you’re unhappy in your marriage.


Sometimes a couple just gets tired. Especially if the relationship was a lot of back breaking work. Marriages that require too much effort and too much patience leave the spouses frayed and unable to continue working. However, there are times a spouse will definitively refuse to put in work after a long time. When the spouse begins to exhibit a lack of interest in keeping things going- this leads to a break up.

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In relationships, familiarity is key. Spouses end up knowing nearly everything about each other. However, familiarity breeds contempt. A partner may stop having simple manners or will be dismissive because s/he revels in the belief that they have an assured place in the relationship.

When some or all of these traits display themselves, even a forty year marriage can fail the test of time. Human nature is fickle, to avoid the relationship guillotine, keep your love warm.