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6 warning signs that show a guy is off limits

He's not the man for you

You also can't walk up to a stranger or someone you just met and ask if they have a girlfriend.

So what's left is looking for signs that he may be off-limits.

Here are 5 signs that he is taken.


1. He wears jewellery with a girl's name on it

Ordinarily men wear such when they have a special woman in their lives. If he sports ornaments such as a chain or a bracelet with a woman's name- back off.

2. He has feminine things at his desk or car

If you find things like earrings, shoes, an extra bag, hair ties etc., chances are he has a girlfriend.

3. He's wearing a ring on that finger


Why would you even go there?

4. He uses "we" in his conversation

If you're chatting with a guy and it's going really well and you begin to picture a future together, derail that train of thought as soon as he starts saying things like,"Yeah, we saw that move it and loved it."

5. He doesn't have a relationship status on social media

Most people these days post whether they're married, in a relationship or newly single. However, most men in long term relationships don't necessarily post a relationship status. Back off when there's no status.


6. There are no photos of him with many girls on his social media

Men in relationships don't make a habit of posting photos of themselves with many different women on their social media. They also don't have random photos of different women on their accounts.

7. If he says he has a girlfriend

That's as unquestionable as wearing a wedding ring. If he says that, walk away.


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