5 clumsiest ways Kenyan men try to get a woman's attention

Men need to stop this.

Even after endless articles to help them figure out how to approach a woman they just met, they’re still clueless.

Some of their shadiest ways of getting a woman’s attention include.


Wolf whistling is only acceptable in cartoons. Where the gangsters are doing it. Grown men should NOT catcall. Or say, “Those legs! Those legs!” Catcalling is even a form of street harassment.


When a woman is walking down the street, some men find it a good idea to slow their car down and keep hooting at her until she gives her attention. That’s not how lasting relationships or even successful one-night stands are born people.

Asking stupid questions

“What tribe are you?”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Bruh, she doesn’t even know you. She just met you. She won’t answer that. And starting off on such poor footing, she is highly unlikely to give you her number.

Begging for greetings

Because some men are shy or didn’t grow up, they find it appropriate, rather than to actually approach a lady who seems receptive or interested- to hunt down a woman going about her business and saying something asinine like, “Madam just say hi.” And then they get mad when they’re ignored.


In a setting where people are there to mingle, a fellow will approach a woman and either boast about the size of his penis, his prowess in bed, how wealthy he is, or how educated he is. As if it was an interview.


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