When one is newly single after having dated for a while, singlehood feels like a curse. But after some time, you actually get used to it and start enjoying your new found freedom and independence.

To be honest, being single is not that bad, well, when you see couples in malls or on Instagram being all touchy and ridiculously cute, you do miss having a bae especially in this weather. But then again, relationships do come with a lot of disadvantages in tow. When you're single that's the perfect time to do all the things you couldn't do when you were dating. Personally, I'm ashamed to admit that one of my favorite things to do when single is flirt. Flirt as much as you can, cause, what do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing. If you recently broke up with your partner, stop wallowing in sorrow. It's time to bounce back and ashame the devil and your enemies.

These are things you need to do when single.

1. Join a dating app and casually date guys as much as you want.

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2. Work on yourself.

Eliminate all the emotional baggage and clutter in your life. You definitely want to be at your best by the time you're meeting your next potential bae.

3. Concentrate on your career.

When your dating, sometimes, you don't have much time to do many things. But when you're single you do have time. Why not look for an extra job? Concentrate on getting your career and finances right as your career will not wake up one day and tell you  "I don't love you anymore".

4. Take up a new hobby.

Something you're passionate about and one that can keep you busy and active. Recently, I started taking yoga classes and I've been loving it, especially for someone that had zero interest in yoga.

5. Take up a class and learn something new.

After all, you now have the time right? You could wing it, you could take a cooking class, learn a new language, take up a salsa dancing class, martial arts, learn how to play chess...etc. The plus to this is that you can also impress your new bae with all the skills you're good at when you start dating again.

6. Get your beach bod.

Yup, work out like a mother and get that body you've always wanted. Not for anyone, but yourself - to feel great about yourself, and elevate your self esteem plus, for health purposes too.

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7. Travel the world.

If circumstances don't allow you, we all know that getting a visa as an African is not easy, you literally have to sacrifice a three eyed goat and walk through the actually valley of the shadow of death to see Europe but hey, there's other places you can travel to as well. Try solo traveling which will really make you independent in the sense, you only have you to rely on. It's literally you against the world and such situations tend to make someone really mature and independent. Even your train of thoughts changes. You need to be super independent and happy with yourself first before someone else can come into your life to make you happy and add value into your life.

8. Appreciate your independence and freedom.

Enjoy the peace, the quiet, the lack of arguments the lack of fear of being cheated on, the worry of having to snoop into someone's phone. Enjoy it all. Figure out what kind of man you want to date next, figure out what makes you happy. Don't settle for less and don't be in a hurry to settle either. Take your time to enjoy months of being single. It's necessary and needed.

9. Pleasure yourself.

Every now and then, get your fingers to do the job for you. It's healthy and you don't have to deal with community d*cks and fuck boys.

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