What is your relationship with your mother-in-law like?

While some mothers-in-law can be real monsters, some can be sweet and supportive. Regardless of how terrible or lovely she is, the relationship with the mother-in-law is very sensitive.

Being the mother of your spouse, she has some rights over her son/daughter and there is nothing you can do about it. And while she may never love you the same way she loves her children, you can at least coexist peacefully by watching your words.

What follows are things you should avoid saying to your mother in law unless you want to waken the devil in her.

1. We are not in a hurry

African mothers-in-law have this tendency of pushing couples to get kids once they are married. Even if you have no plans to get kids soon, never make it known to your mother-in-law. Let it be a secret between you and your spouse with no third parties. If she asks why you are yet to get her a grandchild, just tell her that you are working towards it.

2. She/he is terrible in the bedroom

Again, what happens in Rome should remain in Rome. If your husband finds it difficult to rise to the occasion, don’t report him to his mother since she is not a sex therapist. Sharing your bedroom details with your mother is uncouth and disrespectful.

3. We are a different generation

It is true that you belong to two completely different worlds but this is the last thing she wants to hear from you. If she tries lecturing you concerning your marriage, just listen to her even if you are not ready to take her old ideas.

4. This is my family

For some reasons, she may not like the way you bring up your kids or the way you relate with your spouse. She may feel like you are spending too much money or you do not discipline your kids correctly. Be patient with her and resist the urge to remind her that she should not interfere with your family matters.

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5. Calling her names

Being the mother of your spouse, she deserves respect just like your own mom. Just like you can never call your mom names even if she beat you up, so should it be with your mother-in-law. She might be a real monster but you still need to be very careful with the words you use on her.

6. The food is awful

Did she offer to make dinner for you? Appreciate it and be glad that she did it willingly. Her food might be a little different but the last thing you want is to pick a fight with her by dissing her kitchen skills.