5 funny ways men get their wives to miss them

He's gonna miss you when you're gone and he has a funny way of showing it.

However, men do live like this. They act overjoyed when their wives are away. They finally have a chance to act like boys again, can walk on the carpet with shoes on, drink beer for supper, stay out with the guys etc.

But this can get old fast.

And like Kevin from Home Alone- they realise that they don't want to be with their families.

For some men, a simple "I miss you" text shows too much vulnerability. So instead, they adopt very funny ways to show their wives that they are missed.

1. Tagging them in memes

Social media is one of the many ways people communicate. For some boyfriends and husbands, tagging their wives and wifeys to a relatable meme is equivalent to telling her outright that he misses her.

2. Sharing photos of the wife's pet

If the wife has a cat or dog that he hates, the hubby will send selfies to show how he actually, deep down, cares about the little critter.

3. Complaining about a lack of something

In most cases there is something a wife or girlfriend always does that a husband takes for granted. For example, it could be how she made a certain meal or how the house always smelled amazing when she was around. He will then share on social media that he misses that smell or the wife's cooking.

4. Dressing badly

Some men will feign helplessness so as to endear the wives to them. They will dress poorly or get a bad haircut so as to make her want to come back home and fix it.

5. Calling or texting to ask stupid things

If she's away for an extended period of time, he will call to ask where his old pair of socks are. Or where a spare pair of batteries can be found. He can also call to ask where to buy something specific.


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