Very many couples look forward to their wedding day. But for others its a day of anxiety, unforeseen costs and unnecessary pressure.

Some couples would much rather elope.

Go away on holiday, have an intimate ceremony alone, with strangers, other couples or two immediate friends.

However, before you take that step you should consider a few things.

1. It builds intimacy

Vowing to spend the rest of your lives together- before the law or God- in private, enforces intimacy between the two of you. It feels like the most romantic kind of date and reinforces your vows without the added spectacle of a big wedding.

2. Could be more fun

A regular wedding has too many things that could go wrong. From traffic jams when going from the service to the reception, to the wedding dress getting stained.

Without the added pressure, you and your partner have a lot more fun to enjoy yourselves without having to care about family feuds, irritating aunties and that letchy brother in law who always asks for a loan.

3. Saves you lots of money

Since you don't have to organise a wedding, an elopement will save you the costs of caterers, renting tents, alcohol, wedding gowns, suits etc.

4. You may miss your friends and family

Inasmuch as an elopement sounds romantic, your wedding day is a highlight to you and you may feel homesick when you marry the love of your life without the presence of people you love.

5. You may have to hold another party

If you have a very traditional and immovable family- you may end up holding another party to pacify your family members who felt left out.

Or your friends who "felt betrayed".