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Non-cliche gift ideas your boyfriend will actually appreciate

Give the socks and belt gifts a break ladies

When it comes to getting gifts for men, most of us women will go for the cliché gifts, a belt, socks, perfume, cufflinks, a card holder or a bottle of whiskey. Now, these gifts are okay, don’t get me wrong, however, they’re too safe and predictable. I feel like once in a while, we should also surprise our men with completely random gifts especially if you know your man really well and know the things he likes to do and his character, you can try and surprise him with one of these gifts. The good thing about non-cliché gifts is that even if he doesn’t like what you give him, he will appreciate the effort you put in.

Next time you’re looking for a non-cliché gift for the boo, try these:


1. A bathrobe.

I know, it sounds weird. But the same way you walk around in your lingerie for breakfast on Saturday mornings, your man could use a cute and cosy robe too. In fact, you could get his and hers matching bathrobes complete with matching sandals. He will appreciate it for those mornings when he just wants to relax, read the newspaper as he sips on his morning coffee. BTW, if he thinks a bathrobe is 'gay', huyo ni mshamba wa washamba lol.

2. A jersey.

Is he into football or rugby? Get him a cool jersey that he can wear on weekends while watching a game with his boys or during his travels.

3. Travel bag.


Men are simple beings, while we will have a dozen of different bags we can carry when we travel, our men are okay with just a suitcase and a laptop bag. But your man can and should travel in style cause, why not? Get him a stylish leather or canvas bag that he can use for his weekend travels.

4. A laptop sleeve.

You could get him a customized laptop sleeve to protect his laptop, like one with a character or something he loves, it could be a race car, sports personality or even his favorite quote.

5. A cool phone case.

The good thing with a gift such as a phone case is that he will use it every day and he will always think of you. Go for manly cases and manly colors. Men prefer simplicity.


6. A backpacking pack.

If your man is all about adventure and the outdoors, surprise him with a backpacking pack. You know the kind they carry while going for a hike in Mount Kenya or something? Yeah, but only if adventure is something he loves. He could use it for his camping, biking and other outdoorsy shenanigans.

7. A 6 months subscription of his favorite thing.

For this kind of a gift, you’d have to know him really well. If he’s a guy that’s all about grooming, you could get him a subscription of a product that he loves to use. If he’s all about pop culture and healthy living, get him a subscription of his favorite men’s magazine. You could also pay for his gym subscription. This is a thoughtful gift that shows you actually pay attention to him and what he likes.

8. Headphones.


Any man will appreciate a good pair of headphones. Especially if they are wireless. He can use them at work, at the gym, while jogging, while traveling etc.

9. Pocket knife.

It’s a random gift but every man needs one for those days when you have to fix things around the home. It’s also nice to have one in the car for emergencies.

10. Customized car mats.

Men totally love their cars. Any gift involving the car will be totally appreciated. You could get him customized car mats that match his car interiors, if he drives.



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