5 nice ways to break up with someone

You don’t have to hurt someone during a break up.

Couple talking(Purposely Awakened)

Have you ever wanted to break up with someone so badly but you do not know how to go about it?

You are not the only one. Sometimes you still love someone so much that you lack the audacity to tell them that it’s over.

If you are so sure that you want to end the relationship but do it in a nice way, try out these tips:

1. Timing

If you still care, then you should break up with the person at their happiest moments. If they are going through a hard time for instance, wait until things get better to break up with them. If you leave them when they are mourning the loss of a loved one or when they have lost a job, it will be more damaging.

2. Be honest

Your honesty may hurt them but just be real. Let them know why you want it over instead of leaving them wondering what pushed you away. Make them understand but also be clear that you are done and done.

3. No blame games

This is no time to blame them for all the wrong things they have done-unless you been the perfect one. Just make it clear that a break up is what you want rather than blaming them for your decisions.

4. No break up sex

You may think but that you are doing your partner a favor by having a break up sex but you are only making it worse. It will be confusing for both of you and you might find yourself back at the same place.

5. Place of break up

Choose a good place to break up and do it in person. Don’t do it in public unless you want to attract drama. Also, it’s better to break up at their place and not your place. It will be easier for you to leave once you are done than them leaving your house heart broken. 


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