Easy tips to get men to chase you

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Want men to chase you? Don’t try too hard. It’s quite simple if you follow the easy tips below shared by Dr. Antonio Borrello, a psychologist and relationship coach.

Here we go:

1. Believe that you are the prize

For a man to chase you, Borrello says that you have to first believe that you are a woman who deserves to be loved by a great man unconditionally. As such, your dating behaviors should communicate that you are someone worthy of genuine love.

Believing you are the prize also involves self-love, self-respect and setting boundaries. According to Matthew, men will always treat you the way you allow them to treat you. 

2. Don’t be too accessible

Before he is fully committed and serious about having a future with you, don’t always be available for him by saying yes when he calls or and asks you to go out. Saying no to his requests sends the message that you have other engagements or commitments that are taking priority.” Says Borrello.

This, according to Antonio forces the man to recognize your independence and realize that you have more to do than just waiting for his phone calls.

3. Let the man contact you first most of the time

You really miss him and wanna text or give him a call? Resist the urge. In the first stages, he should be the first to call, text and even ask for plans. If you are always the one asking to see him, then you are denying him the chance to miss and pursue you.

4. Don’t act exclusively with a man whose options are still open

“If a man tells you he is not looking for a relationship or anything serious, you need to believe him the first time before you invest more of yourself and feelings. Don’t believe for a minute that you are the person who is going to change a playboy into Mr. Commitment.” Warns Borrello.

Don’t even waste your time with such a man if you want something serious lest you get your heart crushed into pieces.

5. Don’t act like you are madly in love with him if you don’t know your position

Men love challenges and they value that which they achieve through a lot of effort and hard work. If a man is interested in you and you start acting like you overly obsessed with him, he won’t see you a challenge anymore. He will lose interest in you and won’t chase you.

6. Be willing to walk away if it ain’t working

“If a man is not showing you the love and affection you expect, don’t complain, nag or fight with him. That’s not going to change anything. Instead, take away your attention and be willing to walk away. He must know that he has to change or he is going to lose you” advises Antonio Borrello.


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