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Easy-peasy ways to get women to approach you

You don't have to approach them

Signs it's just a fling(aeshaonline)

If you ever ask any man, he will tell you that approaching a woman is not as easy as you would think. Deep in his mind, the man is already thinking of what will happen in case the lady says no. And mustering the courage to approach a girl is also not an easy thing.

Dear beloved men, did you know that you don’t have to break a sweat to approach women? Like really, you can have them approach you instead. Isn’t that awesome? You must be wondering how an African lady will even dare approach you. But it’s all about how you present yourself.

With these tips, you can get women to approach you:

1. Be easy


Rule number one. No woman will approach you if you always wear a fierce face. Be very easy and women will come running to you.

2. Eye contact

This one really matters. When you are talking to her, look at her directly in the eye. It makes you seem so confident and ladies find confident men very attractive. It’s also a way to communicate to her that you are interested without saying a word.


3. Dress well

Seriously, this is a must if you want girls to approach you. Get the right clothes and make some effort to look good in general. You want to be the guy that ladies are always complimenting in the office for looking great.

4. Watch your body language


It can drive them away or draw them closer depending on how you use it. Always be relaxed and give a genuine smile. Stand in a posture that is inviting and avoid looking down or sideways while talking.

5. Take care of your body

You don’t have to have a six-pack but at least be fit. Fit men are more attractive and of course healthier.

6. Have some fun


If you want women to start approaching, you gotta stop sitting and watching people have fun in the club. Enjoy the moment and be that guy who seems like so much fun to be with.

7. Smell nice

I can’t insist this enough. Get nice smelling perfume that will actually trigger her to comment about it. If all you smell is sweat, no girl will dare come near you.

8. Be nice


Not just to the woman you are interested in but to everyone. No woman can resist a nice and sweet guy.


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