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Sure ways to satisfy a woman in bed

Hatawai kuacha

Satisfying woman in bed(Shutterstock)

Basically, good sex depends on both of you. You must both be in the moment and be willing to give the best to your partner.

Unlike men, women can be difficult to turn on leave alone satisfying them in bed. But hey, you can still make her shout your name loud if you master the skills. If you make use of these tips, she will never be disappointed:

1. Whisper sweet things in her ear


Seeing you naked is not enough to turn her on because women are not physically attracted to men as it is with men. But whispering sweet things in her ear during the moment can change everything. Appreciate her beauty, tell her how badly you want to have her or even how much you love her.

2. Hygiene

Forget about the ‘mwanaume ni sweat’ stupidity. No one wants that in bed! Take a shower and wear nice smelling perfume. Also, don’t forget to trim the unwanted hair. Men too should look and smell good for their women. We are in 2019 guys.

3. Sex toys


Your game may be on point but make it even better by spicing up with sex toys. Don’t give her a chance to even dream or fantasize about making love to another man.

4. Fulfill her fantasies

Ask her about her wildest fantasies and fulfill them if you can. If she has always wanted to experiment with sex toys, go for it without being judgmental. A little bit of naughtiness will take you places in the bedroom.

5. Explore her erogenous zones


Each woman is different and your woman can help you figure out her most sensitive parts. Don’t just focus on her boobs while neglecting other areas like the neck and thighs.

6. Take your time

Men men men! Pole pole ndio mwendo. Foreplay is so much important for a woman if you want to give her maximum pleasure.

7. Go down on her


I can’t insist this enough. Even if all the above techniques don’t work, this one can’t go wrong.

8. Follow her instructions

Finally and most importantly, if she says ‘harder’ or ‘faster’, please heed to her instructions without missing.


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