How to seduce your man without uttering a word

He won't resist it


Actions speak louder than words, isn’t that right? Well, then you don’t have to tell your man how badly you want to rip out their shirt and lick their body from head to toe. Act!

No no! we are not saying you get directly to the real act. We are talking about seducing your man without saying anything. Let your actions speak for you and within no time, he will be dying to have you.

Try these tips:

Stroking your own hair

Whether it’s your long natural hair, a wig or braids, stroke yourself gently and play with your hair in a sexy manner. A simple act like tucking your hair behind your ear sends a signal to the man that you are interested in something more.


No fake smiles though. A guy can spot a fake smile from miles away. Genuine smiles are sexy especially when you are smiling about something he said. It shows the guy you are really interested in him.

Bite your lower lip suggestively

We are not talking about those accidental bites. It’s the sexy kind that will make a guy want to kiss those lips.

Use your eyes

Eye contact does magic when it comes to seduction. Look at the man directly but suggestively. For instance, look at him while biting your lip, smiling or look at him then wink.

Lean towards him

Don’t throw yourself on him. Remember you don’t want to come out as desperate. If you are sitting on a couch, lean towards him a little bit. If he is interested, he will even draw you closer to him.

Be playful

It’s no secret that men like it when women are playful around them. Get your man to dance with you, or come up with a game that is likely to lead to a sexy moment.

Touch him, but not caresses

If you caress him, it will be too obvious that you want something. As you talk, rest your hands on his shoulder, his thigh or squeeze his bicep gently. He will be prompted to touch you as well and you can finally have him.


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