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How to tell your partner they are fat without hurting their feelings

Don't fat shame them

How to tell someone they are fat(Pulse Ghana)

When it’s your friend or sibling, you can easily tell them that they have put on weight and they won’t be offended. Of course, you won’t tell them straight that they are fat unless you want to lose a tooth. But you can at least ask them what they have been eating and they will know what you are talking about.

But how do you tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that they are fat without sounding mean? Given that they might feel like you are stopping to like them because of their weight, you must choose your words wisely.

We’ve listed a few things you could say to them:

1. I want to start going to the gym. Wanna come with me?


You might not even want to go to the gym but for their sake, you can always do it. The idea of going to the gym together is exciting and they might just say yes. Plus it’s fun when you make it a couple’s thing.

2. Do you still exercise?

This is just an innocent question and it shows that you are concerned about their health. If they used to exercise and you are suspecting that they might have stopped, ask them. It may be an eye-opener that they need to do something about their weight.

3. Ask them what they are eating


If you do not live together, call them at around lunch or dinner and ask them what they are having. Be on their toes and ensure they are eating a healthy meal. If you live together, suggest that you should change your eating habits so that you only eat healthy foods.

4. Suggest taking walks

If all you do on weekends is watching movies, you can change the routine so that you take walks in the afternoons. When you walk, you might even hear them comment on their own weight.


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