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7 ways women drive potential men away unknowingly

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Sometimes, we are single, not because we are not good enough, but because of our habits. That's right. If you have been having many short relationships, it could be that you're driving men away by doing things that they're are not keen on when it comes to relationship matters. Believe it or not, things like being on your phone too much or being self-absorbed can be a turn off for many men. When you're in a relationship, the goal is to feel loved and have a companion - someone who makes your life better or adds value to it instead of making it miserable and unbearable. That said, here are things women do that drive men away.

1. Talking about marriage and kids too soon.

Many guys want to pace themselves when it comes to building a family. Kids are a huge responsibility and guys want to start a family when the time is right and when the finances allow. So when you start talking about kids and marriage way too soon, you may scare away the guy especially if he's in no rush himself and wants to enjoy dating without committing yet.

2. You're not independent.


While some men, especially those who have their finances right do not mind taking care of a woman, most men do not want to feel like they're taking care of a baby. If you're the kind that expects a man to pay for everything for you, from your rent to food to vacations, you need to know that a man is not a financial investment. Men want to be with a woman who can handle her own and that way, they know that you're not with them for their money.

3. Being superficial and too high maintenance.

It's okay to be high maintenance but it's also important to be reasonable. Most high maintenance women can afford the things they demand for even if the man was not in the picture. But you cannot be a struggling slay queen, expecting a man to give you the world and belittling him when he cannot. For instance, if you're offered a trip to the coast, appreciate it. Do not demand to be taken to Europe simply because you see others going there. We deserve to be treated like queens, yes we do, but we also need to earn it.

4. Being a drama queen.


We all have our moments when anger takes over and we start breathing fire. But it's important to learn to control your emotions around a man, lest you scare him away. If you're one to start fights in clubs and always have trouble following you, it may be hard to keep a man.

5. Talking about your sexual history way too soon.

If you have slept with a hundred men and done all those kinky things that we only see in porn, it's fine, but your man doesn't need to know about your past sexual encounters. It may be a turn off. Also, while still on sex, every man appreciates a woman who can be a freak in the sheets but you need to draw the line between freaky and BDSM. Coming out with a mask and whip without warning your man may chase him away as maybe he's not about that life.

6. Not having your own life.


You text your man a million times a day, you don't have friends, you're insecure and keep nagging him. Sis, that man will vanish. Your life should not revolve around a man. Have your own life, something that keeps you busy like a job, school or pursue your passions and hobbies. Remember you're supposed to make your partner's life better not more difficult.

7. Being overly jealous.

Jealousy is a huge turn off and has ruined many relationships. Chasing around females that are talking to your man goes to show how insecure you are.


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