Dating a woman in her 30s is not the same as dating one who is still in her 20s. She is not just older, but her preferences are also quite different.

Before you date a woman in her 30s, below are a few things you should be wary of:

1. They know what they want

Couple walking (Shutterstock)
Couple walking (Shutterstock)

She knows what she is looking for in that relationship. She knows the kind of guy she wants in her life and if has chosen you, it’s because you are what she wants.

2. Their sex game is on another level

They have the skills and experience gathered over the years. Besides that, they know what they want in bed and they are not afraid to ask for it. They are no longer insecure about their body and won’t be worrying about what you think of their stretch marks or the belly fat.

3. You shouldn’t assume she is desperate or in a rush to settle

couple on date
couple on date

She knows the biological clock is ticking and you don’t have to remind her that. Don’t be too fast to ask her opinion about having kids and settling for a marriage. And above all, don’t assume she is desperate to get a partner or treat her like trash because you think she will still cling to you.

4. She takes dating seriously

It’s very unlikely that a woman in her 30s will get into a relationship for fun. For her, dating is a serious affair leading to marriage. If that is not what you are looking for, then she is probably not the best match for you.

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5. She is confident

Couple on a night out(iStock)
Couple on a night out(iStock)

She doesn’t need to be reassured of how sexy she is. She knows it all and she has also learned to embrace her imperfections.

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