Intimacy in a relationship is more than good sex. It’s about the warmth, closeness and the affection you have for each other in the relationship.

If your partner has intimacy issues, they will always have trouble connecting with you emotionally and even physically at times.

How do you tell if your partner has intimacy issues? Watch out for these telltale signs:

1. They are only present in body

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Do you ever have some time for intimate conversations with your partner? If they are always listening to music or watching telly, it’s possible that they have intimacy issues. They are using television to distract themselves and avoid having a deep conversation with you.

2. They avoid sex

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When it comes to solo sex, your partner is a pro in it. But when it’s the two of you, they always avoid it. And when you do have sex, they seem to be so uncomfortable and you can almost tell that they are not enjoying the moment.

3. They are ever busy

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Don’t be fooled. They might not even be as busy as they claim to be. They could be having intimacy issues and thus prefer to be alone most times. They might not even notice what they are doing because it’s unconscious.

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4. They are not confident enough

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When someone is not confident with themselves, it’s very difficult for them to let in someone into their lives. It may be something as simple as their body. In their mind, they think you have issues with their body and will thus avoid being too close to you.

5. They are afraid of being vulnerable in your presence

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Even when they have something bothering them, they find it difficult to pour their heart to you. They will mask their sad feelings and pretend to be so strong while they are bleeding from the inside.