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5 annoying habits Kenyan men should stop

You can do better guys

Here are some common habits among Kenyan men that are not only annoying but also disgusting:

1. Urinating all over

It is with a reason that the toilets were invented. Sadly, some men seem to find more pleasure relieving themselves in open, public places with no shame. Even in places such as parks where people should be relaxing and enjoying fresh air, they will still find some corner to pee. If you happen to stop at the Githurai roundabout, you will get what I am talking about. Men line up next to the superhighway wall relieving themselves comfortably as they would in a urinal.


But come on guys, 10 shillings is not much to pay for a public toilet.

2. Catcalling women

We are in the 21st century men. Catcalling has been passed by time and no woman will even stop to listen to you. So, stop with all the whistling and the 'kasize ka mine' stuff. It's outdated, annoying and shows how low you can stoop as a man to get a lady's attention.

3. Don't lean on me

I know we should be friendly and accommodate each other in matatus but hey, keep some space. Sit up and just don't lean on your neighbour for crying out loud. Especially if you are one of those overweight men, don't give the other passengers an extra burden to support your weight.


4. Forcing conversations

If someone is not ready to engage in a conversation with you, don't even try to force it. It's annoying when you are trying to dig into someone's life yet you have just met them all in the name of initiating a conversation. Try reading a person's verbal cues to know if they are interested in your small talk first. Things like 'leo mvua imekataa' never work with everyone.

5. Would you please get some cologne?

Forget the old adage of 'mwanaume ni kunuka jasho'. No one is interested with your sweaty odour so do your self some justice and get some deodorant. But wait, before you smear that roll-on deo all over your body, be sure to take a bath first.


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