A lot of guys usually get in trouble with their women for some of the things that they say to them.

Yes, every woman is different and unique in their own way. They say certain things when they mean something else and it is good for guys to be aware of some of the words that may get them in trouble with their men.


No she’s not fine. Women usually use this word to end an argument that they just don’t feel like continuing with.

2.Do whatever you want

It’s a test. Do not do it. She wants to know whether you are actually dumb enough to do something that she is clearly not comfortable with.


Your woman cannot believe that you can actually be that stupid. Harsh but true.

4.Nothing’s wrong

There is something wrong and you should find out what you can do about it to make things better.

5. Don't worry about it, I'll figure it out

By the time a woman tells you this, she's mentioned this thing to you so many times. She's not actually telling you to not worry about it but rather telling you to worry about it. She wants you to redeem yourself.

6.I’ll be ready in 5 minutes

No she won’t. She’s probably still lying comfortably in her bed while she’s talking to you on the phone.