3 simplest ways to stop being single

It's never that difficult if you know these three things...

How to stop being single to stupor

However, the bliss of being in a great relationship can never be downplayed and if you are prepared for one, here are three very simple ways to make it happen.

Mind you, the old rules apply - go out, meet people, be friendly, smile often, be polite and generally nice even to people you're not physically attracted to.

And when that's done, do the following, too:

1. Take care of yourself

Not just in the sense of personal hygiene but in a broader outlook. It's not enough to look good and take care of the outwards without the inwards too. Work out, and build your mind as well by reading books.

Think happy thoughts, be positive about life and people.

2. An open mind

Yes, you have made up a list in your mind of what the guy or babe should be like, but life always has surprises and some of them are very pleasant.

Who knows? Your next partner could be the next big, pleasant surprise you get.

3. Don't sweat it

Really, this is the biggest rule in the book. The moment you pressurise yourself or allow yourself to be pressured, you'll likely get desperate and make a big mistake.

There's no rush to relationships. Take your time, immerse yourself in productive, fulfilling activities.

Sadly too many people don't know these simple things, but they're basically all you need to get into the relationship of your dreams!


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