If you’re thinking that the reason why the girl you like hasn’t texted you back because they don’t like you – then you could be right.

But there are other possible reasons why she didn’t reply.

1.You are boring

Maybe your conversations just suck and she didn’t feel like engaging with you anymore. Harsh but true.

2.She may be playing hard to get

Yes, there are some women out there that still play hard to get. Sometimes it works in their favor while sometimes it doesn’t. If you know she likes you then she might be giving you a hard time and making you work for it.

3.Maybe she forgot

It has happened to the best of us. It may have nothing to do with the conversation or the person that you are but could have everything to do with the fact that she has shitty memory.

4.She didn’t have credit to text back

When the struggle is real then it’s real.