4 signs of a broke woman


Being broke is however not only reserved for men as there are broke women too - no shocker here.

And these are some tell-tale signs to spot one.

1.Expensive lifestyles

Broke women love the finest things in life. They can rock 5000-shilling shoes and an equally priced dress but will still diss their men about how stingy they are for not giving them pesa ya kutengeneza nywele.


Broke women are the most demanding. This goes in line with their expensive lifestyles. They can make outrageous demands like wanting you to have a car when they are busy hustling like the rest of us to get a bus at Kencom after 6pm…on a rainy day.

3.They never have money for airtime

Or money for anything for that matter. They need money for hair, money for shoes, money to pay her house help – which she may not need in her bedsitter but hey to each their own.

4.Her weaves and wigs are always in dire state

The money you’ve been giving her for weaves and wigs is clearly not going to taking care of that hair because she’s been rocking that weave or wig for close to 2 months and you shouldn’t be surprised if the musty smell in your house isn’t from a rug you didn’t dry out well.


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