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Tips to save you money when shopping for your newborn

Save up!

Baby items (Living and Loving)

When it’s your first baby, you probably will be spending some good amount of time on the internet trying to search “what to shop for a newborn”. That is totally okay. We all start from somewhere. Once you have come up with a list of the things that you will need for your newborn, next thing that follows is shopping. And here, my friends, you can end up using lots of money if you do not plan well.

Therefore, if you are working with a budget and want to save yourself some money, you could do with these tips:

1. Buy in wholesale


If you have visited Eastleigh, you might already know that there are lots of wholesale shops you can buy from. You can join with a friend who is also expectant and buy various things in wholesale the divide between yourselves. It’s much cheaper.

2. Do due diligence before making purchase

Before you buy that cute baby carrier you saw on Instagram, check the price on other outlets. It might be way cheaper in another outlet.

3. Avoid over-shopping


You will see lots of cute things when shopping for your baby and might be tempted to buy everything you like. Ask some parents and they will tell you they have clothes that their newborns never got to use simply because they bought too many. Really, do you need five car sits? Of course you don’t. With clothes especially, newborns will outgrow them very fast and might never wear some if you buy too many.

4. Eastleigh, Gikomba and Kamukunji are your sure bets

If there are other markets around your place, consider going there other than going to a supermarket or ordering everything online. You will find that baby items are much cheaper in the above mentioned places as compared to buying from the baby shops in town.


5. If you have another child, their old stuff might save you some coins

If your first born never got to use some of their stuff or some of the items are still in good condition, there’s no harm using them with your next baby.

6. Invest in washable diapers


Who still washes diapers in 2020? I know right. But here is the thing; washable diapers can save you the cost of having to buy diapers every other day.

7. Buy second hand stuff

If your friend still has a baby cot that they no longer use, why not buy from them instead of buying a new one? While there are items you must buy new, don’t be afraid of shopping second hand.


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