Sure tips to discipline your toddler without losing your calm

Toddlers can frustrate you

Disciplining toddlers (Parents Canada)

Toddlers are sweet humans but they can also be crazy annoying with their tantrums. They will yell and roll in dirt just to get your attention or because they want another child’s toy. And even with all the love you have for your toddler, sometimes they push you so far that you end up losing your calm.

Since you are the adult here, you should be taking control of the situation and trying to keep it cool even though you feel like you are going crazy. We believe these tips will help you discipline your toddler not just so that they are well behaved but because you also need an easy time to focus on other things beside raising your toddler:

1. Consistency is key

This is where most parents go wrong. Unfortunately, toddlers are wise and will always take advantage of your empty threats. If the punishment for not eating their veggies is going for a day without their tablet, you better stick to that. Otherwise, if you just issue empty threats, your kid will never learn and will instead keep on misbehaving.

2. Lead by example

Yes, this does not only apply in a work environment. If you tell your toddler to pick their toys from the floor, ensure that your stuff is not lying on the floor. Kids are very observant and will always pick behaviours from their parents and other adults around them.

3. Distract them

A one year toddler might not connect your spanking and what they are doing. Instead of spanking them (which may not help anyway), stay calm and redirect their attention to something else. If they are playing with a gadget that you don’t want them to play with, give them a toy instead.

4. Ignore them

This may be a hard one to pull but once you muster the courage to do it, it works. When it’s clear that your toddler is just throwing tantrums to get your attention, ignore them and go on with your business. When your toddler learns that you are always paying attention and giving it to them whenever they want, they will keep on doing the same thing.

5. Reward good behaviour

If your toddler behaves right, reward them and they will want to do even more. The reward doesn't have to be materialistic. Even praising their good behaviour is good enough for them to feel loved and appreciated.


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