Old-fashioned baby names that risk extinction

Would you give your baby an old name?

A cute baby (Reader's Digest)

Old is gold. But when it comes to baby names, you want to be as modern as possible. Nobody wants their child to carry a name that dates back to the 17th century at this age.

While some of these old names are still kinda cute, they risk becoming extinct unless parents start making use of them. But the question is, who is willing to call their kid Hanna in 2019? We made a list of some old names that you will hardly see anyone call their baby:

Baby girl names

1. Hannah

2. Veronica

3. Agatha

4. Rhoda

5. Laura

6. Sophia

7. Anastacia

8. Gloria

9. Dorothy

10. Alice

11. Harriet

12. Gladys

13. Lydia

14. Paulina

15. Doris

16. Evaline

17. Deborah

18. Scholastica

19. Petronila

20. Peninnah

Baby boy names

1. Jeremiah

2. Philip

3. Jonah

4. Geoffrey

5. Wilson

6. Sospeter

7. Rodgers

8. Duncan

9. Oscar

10. Arthur

11. Frederick

12. Julius

13. Wallace

14. Stanley

15. Cyrus

16. Kenneth

17. Albert

18. Douglas

19. Lawrence

20. Wilberforce


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