5 things parents of a newborn wish you’d do when visiting them

We need to start being considerate when visiting parents with a new born.

Your neighbor may ignore you for most of the week but you can guarantee they are definitely going to show up unannounced for Chapati day.

Some of them over stay their welcome and then have the nerve to guilt trip you with that ‘Oh no we hope we’re not bothering you with us being here so late’. If you are one of these people I’ll just tell you right now, yes you are bothering them by staying so late.

If you are such a neighbor or visitor then you might have to start being a bit considerate if your neighbor, sister, brother cousin have a new born and here’s how you can do that.

1.Call in advance

It won’t hurt to either call or send a message to the parents before you visit them.

They may have been up all night with the baby and may be catching some much needed z’s at that time so a little heads up could go a long way.

2.Don’t stay for too long

As mentioned earlier, do not stay too long because in case you haven’t noticed they have a tiny human being that’s keeping them up all night.

3.Wash your hands or make sure your hands are clean before carrying their baby

You have about 3000 bacteria on your hands. There are around 150 different types of bacteria out of those 3000. Basically there’s a lot of bacteria on your hands and the parents don’t want that transferred to their babies.

Babies are very sensitive and easily prone to contracting really bad diseases by touch or kisses.

4.Don’t just show up with your kids because at least 'watacheza pamoja'

Give them a heads up so that they are prepared to take care of the other kids as well.

5.Don’t come empty handed

If you go visit the baby for the first time, at least carry flowers or juice or something small for them. It will be appreciated.


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