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Mother's deep letter to her daughter gets global recognition

It's definitely worth the read.

Other countries too have not been left unscathed, which is why this woman’s message to her daughter went viral and left many sharing with their own.

Tony Hammer is Portland based writer whose five year old daughter just started school. Taking to her Facebook account, Tony wrote her daughter a special message filled with tips to survive this very harsh and unwelcoming world.

“Don’t say ‘sorry to be such a pain.’ You’re not a pain. You’re a person with thoughts and feelings who deserves respect… Don’t make up reasons as to why you can’t go out with a guy you don’t wanna go out with. You don’t owe anyone an explanation,” were advice parceled in the letter that received global approval all over social media.


“I want to raise a daughter who is as confident as she is kind, who fights for those who can’t fight for themselves, who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and work hard to make the world a better place. Someone who is a lover of justice and believes change can happen,” said Tony whose list of Don’ts and Do’s were nothing short of stellar wisdom.

Tony says her inspiration was from the fact that she was bullied as a child and she did not wish the same for her daughter.

Here’s the letter to her daughter:

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