7 people you don’t have to invite to your wedding

And you don’t have to be sorry about it


Congratulations on your coming soon big day. Now, let us put it clearly, this is your special day. Yes, you should consider other people, but for the big part, it should be about your happiness. You will never have another day to walk down the aisle. So, it’s only fair to make this day the best day of your life.

Part of making the day your best means inviting people you want to invite. It means inviting only a certain number of people and leaving out some. I know it’s hard to leave out some people but you cannot always make everyone happy.

For instance, you might want to invite 200 people but your budget can only cater for 100 people. So what do you do about it? As hard as it is, you will have to cancel out some people. And you might also have to invite some people you don’t like so much because they are family and you don’t want to be in trouble.

Anyway, if you are in a crisis regarding who to invite or leave out, below is a list of people who you don’t have to invite. And it’s totally okay not to invite them:

1. Your ex

Sure, you are still friends. But does he really have to attend your wedding? I don’t think so. It might still pain them to see you walk down the aisle with someone else. Spare them the pain and invite someone else instead.

2. Your high school BFF who you no longer talk to

There are friends we slowly lose contact with. You have never fought but you hardly talk. They don’t even know what you do nowadays. If you have not been talking for years, there’s no need to invite them to your wedding.

3. All your colleagues

I know it’s awkward to invite some colleagues and leave out some. But as we have already said, this is your day and you get to choose who you want to come. Invite only the colleagues you interact closely and those you share your life with.

4. Your neighbors

You shouldn’t even feel guilty for not inviting your neighbors. You don’t have to invite them just because they live next door.

5. Your boss

This will depend on your relationship. Imagine inviting a boss who orders you around and shouts at you in the office? You had better given that slot to someone else.

6. All your relatives

If you are working with a small budget, invite close friends and family. I mean, some distant relatives don’t even know your name but they want to be in your wedding. For what reason now?

7. Someone who invited you to their wedding

They invited you to their wedding five years ago but you have since lost touch with each other? You don’t have to invite them to reciprocate their invitation. Only invite people you are close with now. Not people you have not seen or talked to in years.


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