Telltale signs you are dating a cheap guy

Never date a cheap guy

Couple on picnic(That Sister)

You don’t want to date a cheap guy. Better date a guy whom you know is simply broke than date a cheap guy.

If you want to know if the man you are seeing or dating is cheap, watch out for these signs:

1. He suggests you split the bill

Ever gone for a date with a guy and he suggested that you split the bill? That’s a red flag. If he can’t even offer to pay for everything or wait for you to make the suggestion, that he is cheap is not debatable.

2. Price is all that matters

You go shopping with this guy and all he looks at is the price tag. For him, quality doesn’t matter. Don’t be duped that he is being economical. He is clearly being cheap.

3. He forgets his wallets

Forgive him if he forgets his wallet for just a day. But if it has almost become a habit, it’s very likely that he is trying to avoid spending money.

4. He doesn’t want to take you out

He will give you all sort of excuses for not taking you on a real date. He will suggest you watch movies in the house or claim to be an indoor person. But when you offer to cater for the expenses, he will change his mind.

5. He complains about your spending habits

He will accuse you of being extravagant and lecture you about saving. When he gives you some coins, he makes sure that you explain how you spent just to be sure that you used it well. You might think that he is really concerned about how you manage finances but it’s also possible that he is just a cheap guy.

6. He only takes you out for free dates

It could be a free concert, a nature walk or a visit to a free park so that he doesn’t spend a dime.

7. He says he ate at home

If you are going out for a date, why on earth would he eat at home? I mean, he knows that you must have a coffee or some snacks when you go out. Eating at home is just a way of running away from spending money.


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