8 reasons why your boyfriend is scared to commit

Are you in a non-progressive relationship?

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Dating a commitment-phobe has got to be one of the worst thing you can do to yourself. Before you get too emotionally to a man, you need to ensure that you’re both on the same page. Have you both made your intentions clear? You need to be sure that you are not being used by this man who does not plan on committing in the future. There are many commitment phobes out there but, why are some men afraid to commit? Here are some reasons:

1. He has lived through marriage or relationship horrors in the past.

This is the kind of person who probably grew up seeing his parents fighting or going through a divorce which changed how he views marriage and relationships and now, he's simply afraid of going down the same path.

2. You don't convince him enough.

He loves you, you're both on the same page but he's not quite convinced just yet that you're the one for him. This mostly stems from things like trust issues or some red flags that he's noticed. For instance, if you cheated once, it will be hard for the guy to believe that you will not do it again in future and that may hold him back from committing.

3. He has other priorities.

Sure, you're in his list of priorities but not at the top of the list. Maybe you're dating a young guy who prefers to nurture his education or career first before committing to being in a relationship. In that case, then it's best to move on than wait for a man to get his ducks in a row.

4. You're going way too fast and pressuring him.

You may both want the same things but you're pressuring him and going way too fast. You need to pump your breaks a little and give him time. A man will propose to you when he feels the time is right if you pressure him too much, you will only drive him away.

5. He's in the comfort zone.

This mostly happens when you have been living together, say in a come-we-stay relationship. In most such cases, a man gets comfortable being with you as his unofficial wife. After all, you're already living as husband and wife what will a ring or wedding change? This is one of the disadvantages of living together with your man before marriage.

6. He wants his freedom.

He's low-key self-centered and is afraid that his freedom is going to take the back seat once he commits. Men like their freedom. He wants to be able to go watch football with boys as they down a few pints and such and knows very well that once he commits, that freedom will be limited.

7. He just wants to benefit himself.

In other words, he's just using you. He has a temporary 'wife' that cooks for him, caters to him and gives him all the loving whenever he needs it. He really has no intentions to marry you or even be with you in the future. He's a user and abuser and you should run away from this kind. This is the kind of man who will rarely say he loves you and tells you that he would rather not have titles in the relationship. Be very wary of this kind.

8. You're not from the same tribe/background.

Sadly, cultural differences could be one of the reasons why he may never take the relationship further. He knows very well that his parents and family will never accept you, based on your tribe or background.


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