Earlymoons: The exciting wedding trend you should totally bask in!

Remove yourself from the stress of planning a wedding and feed your wanderlust!

Earlymoons... the new rave

Whether it is the recent dusty pink dresses that bridesmaids have fallen head-over-heels in love with, or the unconventional but cool ways to turn heads that brides seem to be discovering every time, these trends keep adding fun twists to weddings as we know them.

And now, we have another one – earlymoons!

Erlymoons are get-aways couples are taking before their nuptials, as opposed to the more traditional honeymoons which come after weddings.

Condé Nast Traveler reports that the phenomenon of jetting off before the wedding is becoming more and more popular with couples, with a pretty notable example being Pippa Middleton and James Matthews.

The couple took off to St. Barts before their well-publicised ceremony in May.

Earlymoons seem like the perfect way to take a break from the hurricane of activities that precede the ceremony, and according to Amy Shey Jacobs, a NY-based wedding planner, “I often plan a mini vacation for them [couples] before the wedding to unplug and reconnect."

Speaking to the travel site, she says the best time to take this jaunt is about two months before the ceremony itself.

"Many of the big decisions and stressful moments happen at the two month out mark... So, if you really want to get away, take a pause on planning before this time.

“You'll be recharged and ready to tackle the big decisions when you return," she says.

And for couples seeking to take a break from the wahala that comes with planning a perfect, hitch-free wedding, taking an earlymoon is only one  of many options to explore. More options for you here


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